Finding peace in the midst of the anxiety

Taking a sound bath on a sidewalk in New York City and finding peace during this corona virus situation.

A walk in the woods in downtown New York City

I’ve had a variety of responses to the corona virus situation. I’m waking up more often in the night, thinking about- well- you can fill in the blank, because I’m sure you are too. Even though I’m a pretty grounded person- I have a daily meditation practice and have meditation buddies who get on the phone with me while we meditate together, I just know that I’m feeling more stress these days – and who doesn’t?
I want to share an experience I had this morning that really gave me a break.

I was walking home from the market and it was still rather early. Few people were out in the neighborhood. I happened to stop to admire some spring flowers, and the noise of my shopping cart stopped too ( all New Yorkers rely on these carts – who can afford a parking space for a car!).

Suddenly I became aware of the soft sound of a wind chime. It just soothed my heart and I stood there looking for it. There, there on the second floor porch of a nearby house it was, gently sounding in the light wind. Then I became aware of birdsong. Hmmm, this is good.
I felt a calm coming over me.

So I crossed the street, parked my shopping cart and sat on a low and convenient fence that offered just the right amount of space for my tush. And I sat. Closed my eyes and just sat and listened. Mostly birdsong and occasional wind chime. It was so gently delightful. Ah, I thought: this is a sound bath, that’s what this is.

I thought of the Japanese who recommend a walk in the woods; I think they call it a forest bath. Well, I found the equivalent in sound, on a sidewalk in New York City. I’m incredibly grateful for this experience and the peace that came over my heart.

However you are dealing with this crisis that is connecting all our lives, I wish you peace, and I hope for you to discover your moments of peace too.

Wishing you health and well-being, Satu

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