Supporting you in your journey to renewal and transformation.

Grounded Awareness Energy Work

Luckily, energy is everywhere, so as a trained clairvoyant I can access your energy field whether you are in the office or not. We can do the same work as a regular Grounded Awareness session:

  • help you to drop stressful, limiting emotions;
  • balance your chakras;
  • and help you move towards a freer, more present life.

How does it work?

Each session is approximately 90 minutes and the cost is $175.00.

We will start with an interview by phone. You will then relax while I get to work. I’ll call you back after 40-45 minutes with a summary of the session and my recommendations. You will
probably have some homework.

Please contact me to book and get the details.

She is oh so gentle, and yet, also amazingly strong - the best combination one could ask for, in a professional LMT. I thank God for gifted providers like you, Satu, every day - and recommend your services without any hesitation whatsoever.
— Tuula K